The Smart Way To Search for Products in WooCommerce

Picture the scenario. Customers land on your website. They’re looking for a product and proceed to search for it. They either navigate to the shop page and then start filtering products, navigating page by page, or they directly type in the search bar. Problem is that the search is cumbersome. It’s because most search plugins for WooCommerce are the same. They offer great back end functionality yet are limited on front end design.

What if there was a way to revolutionise the search experience in WooCommerce? By providing a beautifully styled popup, that integrated product search with product filters. What if there was a way of speeding up how customers searched for products and were shown relevant results?

Now there is. WooSearch is our brand-new plugin, which is designed to be beautiful in design and form. It enables your customers to instantly find what they’re looking for without having to navigate back and forth between pages.

WooSearch is not also beautifully designed, but it’s also super-fast. It doesn’t need to query the SQL database when users search for a product. Instead, products are saved to a JSON file which is called upon locally. That makes finding and filtering products super-fast. Check out the demo to see for yourself.

It’s also packed full of features such as the ability to exclude products and categories, or even products out of stock. It can also display promotional labels for free shipping and sale items and speaking of sale items – it will automatically calculate and display product savings between the sale price and the RRP.

The filters can be customised, or removed completely to offer a full-page search, the placeholders are all changeable, and there are branding options to match too.

If you want to offer your customers a better search experience on WooCommerce, WooSearch for WooCommerce is worth checking out. It’s the ultimate product search and filter plugin available for WooCommerce.

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