Improve the WooCommerce Product Search & Filter Experience

The easier it is for your visitors to find your products, the more likely you’ll convert those visitors into paying customers. The chances are, you already have some form of product search and maybe even a filter system to improve how customers search and find products. But do you have a combined system or are they separated? Normally it’s the latter.

Combining the two can have a huge impact on sales, especially for sites that have many products which can make finding a product more difficult.

WooSearch is a premium WooCommerce Product Search & Filter plugin which aims to solve that problem by combining the two functions into one modern styled popup. As soon as users start to type into the WooCommerce search field, a popup displays with a conveniently placed filter sidebar. Now your visitors can search and filter products at the same time rather than having to navigate back and forth.

Though there is more to the search and filter plugin. Speed is always a big factor when it comes to keeping users engaged, and WooSearch is nothing short of super-fast. It also features an extensive range of features including:

– Being able to search for products including title, SKU, description, as well as custom fields
– Exclude products or categories from being displayed within the search results
– Hide products out of stock
– Display the stock status
– Display search without filters (although we’re not sure why you’d want to)
– Choose how many products display per page
– Display delivery promotion
– Display text after price, ie. If you want to show prices being ex or inc tax
– Automatically calculate and show savings amount when a product is on sale
– Display brand logos using WooCommerce Brands official plugin

As you can see, WooSearch has a lot to offer. The video below demonstrates the power of WooSearch.

You can check out WooSearch for yourself by having a play with the demo.

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